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REA Construction is proud to be able to offer a “one-stop” service, meaning that we can provide our clients with not only our exceptional construction services, but we can also ensure that all of their architectural and interior designer needs are seen to by our highly recommended pool of architectural and interior designers firms. Essentially, we can carry a project through from conception to completion in its entirety, giving the client peace of mind that their project can be seen through to the very end.

Our accredited team of builders will be able to bring your project to life one brick at a time.
We believe in creating functional and unique spaces through our architectural design and can take you through all the stages from obtaining planning permission to building regulation drawings.
Interior Design
We understand the importance of creating the perfect style to suit you and your preferences whilst enhancing the surroundings and the experience of the space.
Project Management
Our expert joiners can create the perfect solutions to utilise and maximize your space.
We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and aim to ensure that your Project Manager can be reached at all times throughout your projects for your peace of mind.
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